Lalor speaks with former Congressman John Faso who is leading Republican efforts in the co

Lalor speaks with former Congressman John Faso who is leading Republican efforts against gerrymandering in the courts.  Faso argues that the newly drawn district lines violate a new provision of the New York State Constitution.  In 2014 the people of New York voted to amend the state constitution to include an explicit ban on partisan gerrymandering. Article III, Section 4, reads as follows: “Districts shall not be drawn to discourage competition or for the purpose of favoring or disfavoring incumbents or other particular candidates or political parties.”

The success or failure of Faso's efforts will impact not only the make up of New York's congressional delegation, but could determine whether or not Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats hold power in the US House.


 Take a listen.  


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General Robert E. Lee was so impressed with the military prowess of the 69th New York Infantry portion of the brigade at the Battle of Fredericksburg, that he gave them the enduring nickname the “Fighting 69th.”

The federal government has money to pay people who don't want to work and has no problem subsidizing illegal aliens, for example. But somehow there isn't enough money in the till to properly fund veterans healthcare.


The announcement states, “Jalil Muntaqim, also known as Anthony Bottoms (sic), was born October 18, 1951, in Oakland, CA. He attended middle and high school in San Francisco, CA, and participated in AP math and chemistry programs. Jalil was a teen activist for the NAACP and joined the Black Panther Party at age 18. On August 28, 1971, he was captured along with Nuh Washington during a midnight shoot-out with San Francisco Police.”

If I was a Democrat strategist I’d be rooting hard for the Dutchess County Republican Committee to nominate Anil Beephan to run for the 105th Assembly District seat at their convention tonight. The mailers practically write themselves. Beephan’s handling of opposition research about him show precisely why he is uniquely capable of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Had the Republican establishment rather than GOP primary voters picked the nominee for president in 2016, we would have gotten Jeb Bush as the Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton as the president. Tomorrow a couple hundred New York Republican party leaders are going to make their choice for governor and pretend that it means something. 

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