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77WABC Host Blasts Lawler’s “Arrogant and Insulting Tone”

James Golden, aka “Bo Snerdley,” host of 77WABC’s Bo Snerdley’s Rush Hour opened his daily 4:00pm show Thursday by blasting Congressman-elect Mike Lawler (R-NY17) for his “arrogant and insulting tone” toward Republican Members of Congress who have prevented Congressman Kevin McCarthy from becoming Speaker of the House.

Lawler has been a frequent voice in the media in favor of Kevin McCarthy for Speaker. He has also been a harsh critic of Republicans opposing McCarthy. Lawler said in an interview:

They have put their own selfish agenda ahead of the conference. The conference voted overwhelmingly in November to support Kevin for Speaker. Our rules dictate that Kevin is the candidate to support. So, folks need to get serious, they need to wake up.

A clearly disgusted Golden unloaded with a blistering condemnation of Lawler saying:

We are already awake! So, for your arrogant insulting tone to everyone else is just ridiculous. As if everyone else is sleeping and you’re the one that’s awake. For your information Mr. Lawler and all of you in the Lawler ilk, what is going on here is a process that is totally acceptable in American because we are a representative republic. And thank God for our nation’s Founders who instead of just declaring mob rule democracy actually formed this country as a representative republic. So, the representative, of which you are one Mr. Lawler can represent the voters in their district as their consciences dictate, not as you or Kevin McCarthy dictate. And these people are not selfish. For decades Republicans in this party, long before they elected you Mr. Lawler, have put up with betrayal after betrayal from the very people that they elected to do the business of the people.

Golden discussed other aspects of the Speaker debate before returning to Lawler and saying:

We are serious Mr. Lawler! How dare you with your arrogance. You haven’t even sat in Congress yet and here you are arrogantly declaring that everyone else just bend over for Kevin. No thank you Mr. Lawler! People have a right to represent their views and those of their constituents just like you do.

Lawler was a freshman Member of the New York State Assembly when he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in the November 8th midterms. By some accounts, McCarthy and his allies poured ten million dollars into Lawler’s successful campaign against Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney in the newly drawn 17th Congressional District. The district includes parts of Rockland, Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess counties.

Prior to returning to 77WABC, Golden was the call screener, producer, and engineer for the syndicated Rush Limbaugh show.

The January 5, 2023, Episode of Golden’s show can be found here:

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