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Don’t Be Fooled By Party Boss Skullduggery In Supreme Court's 9th Judicial District Race

If you live in the counties of Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland or Westchester you reside in the NYS Supreme Court's 9th Judicial District. In tomorrow’s election there are seven open seats. The term of office is 14 years, so electing a liberal Democrat who happens to be on the Conservative Party ballot line is a mistake that cannot undone for a long time.

Five liberal Democrat candidates are running on the Conservative Party line. Sherri Eisenpress, Anne E. Minihan, David J. Squirrell, Elena M. Goldberg Velazquez, and David S. Zuckerman are in no way even moderate, let alone conservative. They were given the line as part of backroom deal orchestrated by scandal-scarred Westchester County Conservative Party Chairman Hugh Fox. Despite the skullduggery, two Republicans who are in fact conservative, John Sarcone and John Ciampoli, still managed to receive the Conservative Party line.

Republicans, conservatives and independents can feel comfortable voting for John Sarcone on either the Republican or Conservative line. John Sarcone has over 25 years as a litigator and has been published 34 times in state and federal case books. In 2017, he was appointed by President Trump to serve as Regional Administrator for the U.S. General Services Administration for New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico. He has been endorsed by numerous police and trade unions and has received the Dutchess and Westchester County Bar Association's highest qualification rating. John Sarcone will bring balance, common sense and conservative judicial philosophy to the State Supreme Court.

Likewise, Linda M. Murray is a candidate Republicans, conservatives and independents should support. Highly qualified, Murray has rich experience in private practice in addition to serving as Court Attorney in Poughkeepsie City Court where she provides counsel to both city court judges. Well respected, Murray has written dozens of decisions selected for publication by the New York Law Reporting Bureau. Earlier in her career, Murray was a prosecutor in the Queens District Attorney’s office and the town attorney in the Town of Milan.

Voters can also have confidence that John Ciampoli, Richard Guertin, and Michael Grace will be prudent conservative justices on the bench.

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