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Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Lee Zeldin Today

1. Restore Checks and Balances to Albany: To property function, a government requires checks and balances. Currently Democrat power is completely unchecked in Albany. Democrats, dominated by self-described socialists, control the Assembly and the State Senate with supermajorities. Rather than stand as a bulwark against a radical legislature, Hochul has appeased the most extreme elements of the Democrat party. If elected, Zeldin will be a massive check on the destructive policies that have harmed our economy, our schools and made our streets less safe. The State budget process gives the governor great leverage in setting the priorities of the state. A Democrat legislature that has to negotiate with a Republican governor to fund a single penny of the budget will have no choice but to moderate.

2. Make Fighting Crime a Priority: Hochul has no sense of urgency about fighting the crime wave. After Hochul’s poll numbers plunged to new depths, she announced she would tweak some of the criminal justice laws when the legislature reconvenes in January. She has the power to call an extraordinary session before January but is unwilling to do so. At their one debate, Hochul infamously said the quiet part out loud when referring to Zeldin’s focus of crime, she wondered, “I don't know why that's so important to you.” Zeldin has made it clear that he will make fighting his top priority. Specifically, Zeldin will repeal anti-public safety laws like cashless bail. He will also remove prosecutors who violate their oath by not enforcing the law. Zeldin also has for years given his full support to our brave crime fighters in law enforcement.

3. Fix a Broken Economy: If Hochul is reelected the Democrats will use their unchecked power to continue to push the same failed tax, spend and overregulate economic policies that have led to the exodus of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to other states with better economic climates. Those who leave take with them their tax dollars and job creating economic activity. This hollows out communities and leads to blight perpetuating our state’s downward spiral. Zeldin’s plan calls for across the board tax relief, extracting natural resources and approving new pipelines to make our state energy independent and drive down energy cost to generate new revenue and create jobs.

4. Zeldin is Anti-Mandate: Hochul is a proponent of the vaccine mandates that needlessly led to the firing of front-line health workers, first responders and others. She would not rule out mandating the Covid vaccine for children to attend school. Zeldin has said unequivocally, “All Covid vaccine mandates across the state must end, and everyone who was fired should be offered their jobs back with back pay.” He has similarly made clear that he will not mandate the COVID vaccine for students in local schools or at our colleges and universities.

5. Zeldin is the Candidate of Individual Liberty: Hochul is hostile to the First and Second Amendment, among other rights she seeks to diminish. Her recent gun control law allows state bureaucrats to review social media accounts when determining if a New Yorker can have a firearm for self-defense. In essence, if a New Yorker avails himself of free speech on social media, Hochul wants to be able to use the exercise of First Amendment rights to deny the exercise of Second Amendment rights. She has also called on credit card companies to track and flag your gun purchases. Zeldin has made it clear where he stands on Hochul’s gun control law stating, “The new concealed carry law tramples all over First Amendment rights to trample all over Second Amendment rights.”

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